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Does your publication work for you?

EnCompass Publishing dedicates itself to putting your magazine, newsletter, directory or Web page to work for you.   Your publication is an essential component to your organization's mission. A quality publication with rich editorial content and strong design strengthens your brand while increasing your ROI.

While not every publication is going to be a financial juggernaut, every publication has a potential to be financially stable and a demonstrably positive contributor to the bottom-line.

Many factors play into the financial strength of a publication.   Often times the most important is the easiest to identify and the most difficult to achieve:   increased advertising sales.

We implement a strategic, integrated marketing program that includes direct mail, electronic contacts, and telemarketing. Our professional sales people know first and foremost they represent our client organization, and that a deft approach must be used when they build relationships with affiliate/vendor members.   We understand that membership, for example, may rely on some vendors for support and that marketing dollars are finite.   So we work to increase overall revenues instead of taking from Peter to pay Paul.

For many clients we provide comprehensive revenue generation services, combining sponsorships, advertising, fundraising, memberships sales, trade show space and more.